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McCaffrey Quest 2008
6th Pass Pern and Brainships

1. The seaman who brought the “plague beast” to the Masterherdsman came from which hold?
A) Igen Hold
B) Ista Hold
C) Tillek Hold
D) Nerat Hold

2. How long before Lord Alessan's first Ruathan Gather did his first wife die?

A) 7 months
B) 1 Turn
C) 18 months
D) 2 Turns

3. How many entries were in the race that was held while Moreta was cleaning herself up after she got doused with a bucketful of dirty water?

A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7

4. Who were Squealer’s parents?

5. What was the profession of Runel’s granduncle?

A) Smith
B) Runner handler
C) Harper
D) Smallholder

6. Which of Lord Tolocamp and Lady Pendra's daughters, considered to be the only pretty one by Nerilka, was married off quickly?

A) Amilla
B) Lilla
C) Pendora
D) Silma

7. What title did the harpers bestow on Lord Tolocamp's large brood of children?

A) Fort Hold Horde
B) Fort Fifteen
C) Fort Flock
D) Tolocamp's Troop

8. When Master Capiam was called to Igen Sea Hold, how many men were already dead there?

A) 27
B) 32
C) 40
D) 42

9. Which pair does not belong in this list?

A) S’gor and Berchar
B) K’lon and A’murry
C) A’dan and F’duril
D) Ch’mon and B’greal

10. When did it first occur to Nerilka that her mother could die of the plague?

A) When the Quarantine was announced
B) When she was thinking about having to return the storeroom keys to her
C) When Tolocamp returned alone from Ruatha
D) When the first reports of death were drummed

11. What was the population of Fort Hold just before the 6th Pass Plague?

A) 4,000
B) 8,000
C) 10,000
D) 12,000

12. What items did Nerilka ensure would not fall into her new stepmother's hands?

13. What misnomer did Anella use for Nerilka?

14. Who was Pressen’s predecessor?

A) Bregard
B) Barly
C) Baid
D) Branda

15. Where was Curmir stationed?

A) Fort Hold
B) Fort Weyr
C) Ista Weyr
D) Harper Hall

16. How old was Declan when he stood as candidate?

A) Nearly 12 Turns
B) Nearly 14 Turns
C) Nearly 18 Turns
D) Nearly 20 Turns

17. Who was the oldest son of Lord Leef and Lady Oma?

A) Alessan
B) Dangel
C) Makfar
D) Dannell

18. Who taught Moreta dragonwing repair techniques?

A) Ind
B) Golnisk
C) Genjon
D) Talpan

19. Who of the following did not attend both gathers?

A) L’vin
B) W’ter
C) M’gent
D) H’grave

20. What color were the Fort Hold kitchen storeroom keys?

A) Green
B) Red
C) Blue
D) Brown

21. What did Fort's weaving aunt know, alone of all Fort residents?

A) The weaving pattern for the Hold badge
B) A unique braiding pattern for rugs
C) The patterns for Fort's brocade fabrics
D) The secret of weaving a waterproof fabric

22. What didn't Nerilka gather up and give to the Healer Hall when she departed Fort Hold for good, against the orders of her father?

A) A pot of restorative soup
B) A pot of cough syrup
C) A variety of medicinal herbs
D) A demijohn of fellis

23. Who did Weyrleader L’bol lose to the plague?

A) His son and daughter
B) His two daughters
C) His two sons
D) No one

24. Which diseases had flared up occasionally during the past several hundred Turns?

A) Diphtheria and typhus
B) Scarlatina and typhoid
C) Typhus and pneumonia
D) Diphtheria and scarlatina

25. How many generations of Moreta’s family had held their runnerhold before all succumbed to the plague?

26. Of what was F’gal of Ista very ill?

A) The Plague
B) Pneumonia
C) A kidney chill
D) Ulcers

27. For what purpose did Nerilka get transported to Ruatha?

A) To harvest needlethorn
B) To innoculate runnerbeasts
C) To nurse the sick
D) To deliver medicinal herbs

28. When the needlethorns were harvested by the group that went forward in time, in what did they pack them?

A) Ging fronds
B) Banana plant leaves
C) Fellis bark strips
D) Baskets

29. What food did Oklina serve while the runnerbeast serum was being made?

A) Meatrolls and wine
B) Dried meat and water
C) Travel rations and stale bread
D) Soup and rolls

30. Who asked Nerilka to stay on at Ruatha Hold?

A) Lord Alessan
B) Herder Dag
C) Lady Oklina
D) Harper Tuero

31. Turvine is a…

A) Runnerbeasthandler
B) Drummer
C) Cropholder
D) Journeyman Healer

32. Why was the birth of the colt so important to Ruatha hold?

A) It came from the burden beast bloodline and could help breed the next generation
B) It was Squealer's foal and could help win marks in races to help rebuild Ruatha
C) Simply because every beast was helpful as so many had died in the plague
D) It wasn't helpful, fillies were needed more desperately than colts

33. Which Weyr refused to help deliver the vaccine and faced sanctions afterwards?

A) High Reaches
B) Igen
C) Ista
D) Telgar

34. What bargain did Alessan strike with Nerilka?

35. When did Alessan rescind his "bargain" with Nerilka?

A) When Tolocamp sent permission for them to marry
B) When Oklina Impressed Hannath
C) When Nerilka was pregnant with their first child
D) When their first child was born

36. What caused Thaniel's limp?

A) A fall from a runnerbeast
B) A mining accident
C) A sharp hoof to the knee
D) A tree fell on his leg

37. What was Rusty able to sense and act up about?

A) Weather changes
B) Dragons
C) Thread
D) Whenever Thaniel was near

38. Who began giving Thaniel's family their immunizations before Desdra arrived and took over?

A) Jerra
B) Destry
C) Brailli
D) Kamiana

39. How many nights did Rusty act up before Thaniel saw the ethereal forms?

A) 3
B) 5
C) 7
D) 12

40. What had the visits from Moreta done to Thaniel?

A) Aged him beyond his years
B) Drove him mad
C) Turned his hair white
D) Nothing

41. Approximately how much of Helva’s “body mass” is human?

A) 14 kilos
B) 18 kilos
C) 22 kilos
D) 26 kilos

42. Which of the following is not a genuine Central Worlds organisation?

C) Double M

43. On Nekkar, Helva had her galley painted in which colour?

A) Red
B) Blue
C) Yellow
D) Orange

44. What, according to Helva, had a habit of expanding into catastrophe?

A) Anger
B) Regulation
C) Simplicity
D) Emotions

45. When Helva’s school was inspected, what picture was she reproducing on the head of a screw?

46. Theoda’s planet of origin was?

A) Annigoni
B) Clematis
C) Medea
D) Van Gogh

47. What brainship did the Xixon kill to increase Helva’s potential singing volume?

48. What did Helva see as the colour of pleasure in Corviki?

A) blue-red
B) lavender-purples
C) green-grey
D) violet-green

49. Which of the following brainships was “free”?

A) AH-640
B) MS-422
C) TA-618
D) YG-635

50. When Helva first reported for active duty, who suggested having a “ship-warming partner-picking party”?

A) Jennan
B) Nordsen
C) Mir-Ahnin
D) Tanner

51. On Alioth, what did Helva feel for the first time in her life?

A) disbelief and amazement
B) joy and sorrow
C) vertigo and nausea
D) shock and determination

52. Who deployed a detachment around Helva preventing her from lifting off during contract negotiations?

A) Rocco
B) Parollan
C) Railly
D) Mutant Minorities

53. What did guests do when they attended one of Niall & Helva's parties?

A) They treated Helva as if she were as visible/mobile as themselves
B) They sang her favorite show tunes with her
C) They ate crudités and sipped champagne
D) They held charity auctions to benefit SPRIM and Double M

54. How long was it going to take the manned test-ship, with the new c-v drive, to come back from the initial test?

A) 6 months
B) 19 months
C) 7 years
D) 9 years

55. What fruit did Helva say Niall hadn't tasted for her yet?

A) Oranges
B) Apples
C) Cranberries
D) Watermelon

56. How long had Niall been dead when Helva's sensors focused on the alert in the Cepheus Three region?

A) 6 weeks
B) 2 months
C) 1 year
D) 7 years

57. What did Helva regret not doing, but only after Niall's death?

A) Finding a cure for his general debilitation and prolonging his life
B) Going back to Chloe to put Jennan's death behind her once and for all
C) Not using the prosthetic body Niall bought her
D) She regretted nothing

58. How many Helvanas were there on Ravel?

A) 1 on the whole planet
B) 1 per major settlement
C) Hundreds
D) None

59. What happened to the CR-899?

A) She got lost in a Nebula
B) Her engine failed
C) Her brawn was stranded on his home planet
D) Her brawn got ill and needed to be treated in hospital

60. How far from Central is the singularity point to be used to go to Nyota ya Jaha?

A) 4 days
B) 5 days
C) 6 days
D) 7 days

61. With which kind of chips in his ships had Darnell been fooling with?

A) The Eridani chips
B) The Centaurian guidance chips
C) The Shemali metachips
D) The Ronthan astrochips

62. What is Nancia’s family name?

A) Perez y Medoc
B) Perez y de Gras
C) De Gras Waldheim
D) Armontillado Perez y Medoc

63. To where did old cousin Wigan move OG Shipping’s headquarters?

A) To Capella
B) To Tau Ceti III
C) To Vega subspace
D) Back to old Terra

64. How long did Nancia spent at Laboratory Schools?

65. Where was the clinic situated to which Alpha donated five years of pubic service?

A) Vega
B) Bahati
C) Ceruli
D) Anguta

66. What was Takla?

A) A lush green province on Vega
B) A lake on the planet Rangoon
C) A water planet
D) A semi-desert world

67. What was the “crummy casino” called that Darnell took over?

A) Lucky Seven
B) Pair-a-Dice
C) Casino Royal
D) The Luckshop

68. How long was the prison sentence that Alpha bint Hezra-Fong was given?

A) 20 years
B) 30 years
C) 40 years
D) Life sentence

69. Where were EsKay artifacts first found?

70. What did Tia want to do on the promised Family Day, with her parents?

A) Find a new site to do her pretend digging
B) Go to the mountains and drive the sled herself
C) Go over her parents' notes on their EsKay dig
D) See her parents current dig progress

71. What reason did the AI "doctor" give Tia for her health problems?

A) She had caught and alien virus
B) She had fallen and hurt her spine
C) She was just a clumsy child
D) She was angry with her parents because they were to busy to be with her

72. Who is the manager of the Central Worlds MedStation the Pride of Albion?

A) Anna
B) Kenny
C) Lars
D) Quintan

73. Who was it that Tia asked to sit back down, after asking her why her parents named her Hypatia, so she could tell them?

A) Professor Brogen
B) Dr Uhua-Sorg
C) Lars Mendoza
D) Quintan Waldheim-Querer y Chan

74. What did brawns call ration-cubes?

75. What was it that Tia wouldn't inflict on anyone but a neurologist?

A) Her hospital pictures
B) Her parents' articles
C) Dr Kenny's notes on her illness
D) Her videos from the Zombie bug run

76. What caused Tia to sink landing-spikes into the ground to stabilize herself?

A) An attack by Zombies
B) An incredible thunderstorm
C) Getting her new hull skin
D) An earthquake

77. What is the name of the bar where Alex buys the little vases they were on the look out for?
A) Rockwall
B) Rock-N-Run
C) Rockhard Cafe
D) Rockaway

78. Who was Hypatia Cade's proxy at the Moto-Prosthetics board meeting?
A) Garrison Lebrel
B) Joshua Elliot-Rosen y Sinor
C) Angelica Guon-Stirling bint Chad
D) Chria Chance

79. What was the name of Simeon's brawn prior to Channa Hap?
A) Bandor
B) Keff
C) Tell
D) Serig

80. Simeon theorizes that Channa's last name probably indicates that she comes from:
A) Haphania
B) Hawking Alpha Proxima
C) Haploid Cloneworld
D) Hapsburg, Germany

81. How did Joat come to be aboard SSS-900?
A) Dumped aboard by her uncle
B) Ran away from a tramp freighter
C) Simeon won her in a card game
D) She was born on station and later orphaned

82. Who was assigned as Joat's Child Welfare caseworker?
A) Ms. Dorgan
B) Ms. Dragon
C) Ms. Gargon
D) Ms. Gorgan

83. How was the virus that Dr. Chaundra developed meant to be transmitted to the Kolnari?
A) Via their food
B) Via their water
C) Via space fleas
D) Breathed on them

84. By what name did the Kolnari refer to the inhabitants of SSS-900-C?

85. How did the Kolnari try to take control of Simeon?
A) With a worm program from their battle computer
B) But cutting his physical connections to the station
C) By kidnapping his brawn
D) By opening his shell

86. By what title did the Kolnari insist the station personnel address them?
A) Lord and master
B) Master and God
C) Supreme Master
D) Great Lord

87. What type of knife was used to kill Serig?

88. How was Channa blinded?
A) By the virus developed to hinder the Kolnari
B) It was a psychological reaction to the terrors inflicted by the Kolnari
C) By staring at a flash grenade when it went off
D) By shrapnel which pierced her eyes

89. Why was Joat sent to Rohan?
A) To troll for loot
B) To find Kolnari
C) To just look around
D) Confront Ciety

90. What did Joseph call Joat when he was really angry?
A) Captain
B) Joat
C) Ma'am
D) Sir

91. Who is the bartender of the spacer bar Keff patronizes when he’s on the SSS-900?
A) Florian
B) Mariad
C) Patrice
D) Simeon

92. Whom did Carialle and Keff call “The Beasts Blatisant”?
A) The dispatchers at CenCom
B) The wild carnivores on Ceruli IV
C) A group of space pirates they encountered
D) The inhabitants of Iricon III

93. What was the designation of the planet on which Keff and Carialle found their “Noble Primitives”?
A) RNJ-599-B
B) RNA-599-B
C) RNJ-598-A
D) RNA-598-C

94. Nokias was…
A) High Mage of the North
B) High Mage of the South
C) High Mage of the West
D) High Mage of the East

95. Who discovered Carialle and Keff first when they were on Ozran?

96. In which sector is Ozran situated?
A) Sector Q
B) Sector R
C) Sector S
D) Sector T

97. What is magess Plennafrey’s colour code?
A) Blue-yellow
B) Blue-green
C) Pink-gold
D) White-red

98. How many people crewed the TMS Bigelow?
A) 412
B) 434
C) 452
D) 473

99. What was the name Keff gives the mages for the sun that his world orbits?
A) Sol
B) Calonia
C) Zirkon
D) Solonia

100. Who told the Griffins that the Cridi were monsters?
A) The Thelerie
B) The Melange
C) The Ro Sayo
D) CenCom

101. Complete the following: My brain is ______
A) Ready for installation into a titanium shell
B) Ready to leak out my ears
C) Delighted that the torture is over
D) In need of a nice rest

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