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McCaffrey Quest is an annual trivia contest for die-hard fans of Anne McCaffrey's books and short stories, offering the opportunity for fans to compete for widespread fame and fabulous prizes.  Okay, perhaps just narrow fame and fabulous prizes -- but trust us, the prizes are fabulous

The challenge consists of approximately 100 questions, most of which are multiple choice, with a few open-ended ones.  The top 10% of all entrants will get to choose a prize from the prize pool, with the grand prize winner being eligible for one of our two fabulous grand prizes!

The challenge is sponsored by the staff of A Meeting of Minds discussion forum, but it is not a requirement that participants be a member of the forum (though we'd love for you to join us there!).

2008 Details

Subject: 6th Pass Pern and Brainships.  Complete book and story listing available here.

MQ2008 will officially begin on Friday Nov 7 at 10 PM GMT (5 pm EST).  A link to the challenge will be posted at that time, from the General Instructions page.

Read the General Instructions, then continue on to take the challenge!


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