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General Instructions

1. Entries should contain the answers only (do not include the question), numbered, and in order, with only one answer per line.  Do not leave blank lines between answers.  Multiple choice answers should note only the letter of the choice, and nothing more.

Example Good Entry:
1. A
2. D
3. Robinton
4. C
Example BAD Entry:
A - Lytol; 2. D - They were going to a gather
3. Robinton played the Question Song
4. G'narish (C)
5. B 6. A 7. D 8. B
Entries that are poorly formatted and hard to read, as in the BAD example, will not be scored.

2. On the open-ended questions, spelling is important for full credit; take care to spell names and words correctly.

3. All judges rulings in scoring your entry are final.

4. At the end of your entry, please include the following information:

A. Full name
B. (Optional: Username on A Meeting of Minds message board)
C. Location: city and state (US) or city and country (non-US)
D. email address by which you can be reached in the event of winning/placing
E. Where/how you learned about McCaffrey Quest

5. Entries may be submitted in the body of an email or in an MS Word document attached to email. Other formats will not be accepted.

6. Entries should be emailed to , with the subject of "2008 MQ Entry"

7. If, after submitting your entry, you wish to make additions or corrections to it, please resubmit your entire entry with the changes, noting that it is an updated entry in the email subject.  Only one corrected entry will be accepted per participant, and it must be submitted before the deadline noted below.

8. Entries must be received no later than Noon GMT on Mon Nov 10 (7 AM East Coast US, 11 PM Sydney, Australia).

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