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1. Where did Killashandra study music?
A) Fuerte Music Center
B) Fuerte University
C) Optheria Music Conservatory
D) Fuerte College of Music

2. Other than clothes, what did Killashandra take with her when she left the music school?
A) An award
B) Her music library
C) Her lute
D) Nothing

3. How many Crystal Singers were in the Heptite Guild at Killashandra's first inquiry into the statistic?
A) 10794
B) 3983
C) 4425
D) 5623

4. How much was the guild tithe out of a Crystal Singer's cuttings?
A) 30%
B) 20%
C) 15%
D) 10%

5. Who was the leader of the original exploration of Ballybran?
A) Ezra Brerreton
B) Arne Joslin
C) Barry Milekey
D) Tahme Balinteer

6. What color is Black Ballybran Crystal in normal light?
A) Black
B) Translucent
C) White
D) Grey

7. What types of blades were used to cut crystal before sonic ones were tried?

8. Is the Ballybran Symbiont biological or crystalline?
A) Biological
B) Crystalline
C) Both
D) Neither

9. What is one of the complicating factors of Ballybran's weather?
A) Low sunspot activity on Scoria
B) Frequent conjunctions of their three moons
C) High axial tilt
D) All of the above

10. Who was the recruit class advisor?
A) Borella
B) Concera
C) Tukolom
D) Trag

11. How long after exposure would it take for the symbiotic illness to commence?
A) Between 1 and 5 days
B) Between 5 and 20 days
C) Between 10 and 30 days
D) Between 15 and 35 days

12. Which is NOT a symptom of the onset of symbiotic illness?
A) Blurred vision
B) Tingling in hands and feet
C) Fever
D) All of the above are symptoms

13. Who cut Killashandra's first exposure to Black Crystal?
A) Gorren
B) Keborgen
C) Lanzecki
D) Moksoon

14. Who was Guildmaster Lanzecki's assistant?
A) Malaine
B) Trag
C) Lars
D) Killashandra

15. Whose claim did Killashandra take over during her first trip into the ranges?
A) Moksoon's
B) Keborgen's
C) Arnagan's
D) Falanog's

16. What was the preferred destination of off-planet Crystal Singers in Killashandra?
A) Nihal
B) Maxim
C) Optheria
D) Kunjab

17. What planet is Rimbol originally from?
A) Yarra
B) Scartine
C) Salonika
D) Fuerte

18. How many elders ruled Optheria?
A) 3
B) 7
C) 10
D) 11

19. Which of the Optherian elders is extremely against alcoholic beverages?
A) Torkes
B) Pentrom
C) Blaz
D) Thyrol

20. How many two-manual organs did Optheria have?
A) 2
B) 5
C) 7
D) 13

21. What planet did Optherian Founding Father Bascom come from?
A) Yarra
B) Melorica
C) Ballybran
D) Fuerte

22. From what opera did Killashandra and her mystery tenor sing from?
A) Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore
B) Halara's Excelsior
C) Korseof's Insanity
D) Baleef's Voyagers

23.What type of blade injured Killa upon her arrival in Optheria?
A) Optherian rapier
B) Crescent knife
C) Kitchen knife
D) Star-knife

24. List three distinct ways polly can be used.

25. How long did Lars study at the Optherian Conservatory?
A) 6 months
B) 1 year
C) 2 years
D) 3 years

26. What does the arc at the Optherian shuttle port detect?
B) mineral deposits
C) civil unrest
D) body odor

27. What music was plagiarized in the second performer's piece at the recital Killashandra attended?
A) Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake
B) Dvorak’s New World Symphony
C) Mozart’s Requiem
D) Ravel’s Bolero

28. Who and what number was the BB ship that came for Killa?
A) BB1066, Brendan and Boira
B) AH 1033, Alexander and Hypatia
C) CS 914, Samel and Chadria
D) CK 963, Carielle and Keff

29. What decided Lars to come to Ballybran?
A) His undying love for Killa
B) Ballybran itself
C) His hatred of Optheria
D) He had nothing better to do

30. What is the proper nomenclature for "Jewel Junk?"
A) Fluid Jewel
B) Fluid Metal
C) Metallic Jewel
D) Opalescent jewel

31. What direction did Killa give Brendan as a heading?"
32. What color crystal did Killa and Lars feed Big Hungry Junk the first time?
A) Rose
B) White
C) Green
D) Blue

33. How many guild masters had the Heptite Guild had at Lanzecki's death?
A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 8

34. Donalla's father held what position on her home planet?
A) Governor
B) Senator
C) President
D) Sanitation worker

35. What was the name of Biyanco's bar?
A) Breezy Shore
B) Welladay Whale
C) Biyanco's Harmat Haven
D) Golden Dolphin

36. Harmat is a concoction of what?
A) Polly fruit
B) Sea fruits and spices
C) Fermented Fruits
D) It's a secret

37. What caused the recall of so many singers near the end of Crystal Line?
A) Death of Lanzecki
B) Large order for black crystals
C) Too many on vacation leading to a lack of income for Ballybran
D) Malfunction in the symbiote

38. Where does Killashandra travel in Continuum 2, "Killashandra--Crystal Singer"?
A) Ballybran
B) Armagh III
C) Optheria
D) Nihal III

39. Who is Killashandra's shepherd into the ranges in Continuum 3, "Milekey Mountain"?
A) Moksoon
B) Lanzecki
C) Ardlor Bart
D) Fergil

40. What happened at the end of Continuum 4, "Killashandra--Coda and Finale"?
A) Killashandra lives happily ever after with Lars
B) Killashandra and Fergil get back to the Guild Cube just in time
C) Killashandra saves the day by cutting enough crystals to save the Guild
D) Killashandra dies

41. Who watched as Fax invaded Ruatha?
A) Watch-wher and Lessa
B) F'lar and Fax
C) Tower guard and Fax
D) Lessa and the tower guard

42. Which dragon spoke to the gibbering watch-wher at Ruatha?
A) Canth
B) Larth
C) Mnementh
D) Ramoth

43. What is the name of the companion assigned to F'lar during his visit to Ruatha?
A) Lady Salina
B) Lady Maelin
C) Lady Tela
D) Lady Themma

44. What words did F'lar say to Lessa as he set her on the Hatching Ground sands?
A) "Don't let her over-eat!"
B) "You cleaned up well and actually look pretty."
C) "You did well at Ruatha, you'll do well here."
D) "Remember, Lessa!"

45. Lessa chafed at what intolerable restriction?
A) Her diet - due to lack of tithes by the holds
B) No training to fly and go between on Ramoth
C) As a lowly drudge she could not claim her birth-right to Ruatha or she would be killed
D) R'gul's idea that if no one saw a dragonrider, no one could be offended by the 'parasitical' Weyr

46. Which are the 'loyal three' Holds that sent a tithe to the Weyr?
A) Keroon, Benden, Lemos
B) Lemos, Fort, Ista
C) Benden, Bitra, Lemos
D) Benden, Bitra, Keroon

47. Who was named leader of the Lords as they came to the Weyr to protest the raiding by the dragonriders?

48. When did Ramoth tell Lessa "A dragon knows what to do" and Lessa wailed back, "You could have told me."?
A) When Ramoth wakes for her first mating flight
B) When Ramoth and Lessa first go between
C) After Ramoth lays her first clutch
D) As Ramoth's first clutch hatches

49. Master Harper Robinton chooses a guitar to sing a very odd song to F'lar after the meeting of the Lords and Craftmasters, F'lar wonders if the instrument is out of tune or if Robinton had struck the wrong string. Whose guitar was it?
A) Robinton’s, he always brought it with him
B) C'gan’s
C) Oharan’s
D) Jerint’s

50. What is the length of the last jump Lessa takes to bring the Lost Weyrs forward?
A) 10 Turns
B) 12 Turns
C) 17 Turns
D) 25 Turns

51. Who set the time for the meeting of Weyrleaders after the Crafthall knife incident?

52. What was a bone of contention between the Lords and the Weyrs that wasn't permitted 400 years ago, but was allowed in modern Pern?
A) Craft- and Hold-bred boys to stand on the Hatching Grounds
B) Stands of trees
C) When Gathers were held
D) How fire-lizard eggs were distributed

53. After Thread falls out of pattern and he visits Lord Asgenar, F'lar returns to the Weyr and Lessa has to ask about the visit because Ramoth wouldn't leave her eggs. Why wouldn't she leave her eggs?
A) They were too close to hatching
B) She felt she couldn't leave her clutch without someone spying on them
C) Because the firelizards would flit about the Hatching Grounds when she wasn’t there
D) Because of the stolen queen egg incident

54. What caused Prideth to grumble anxiously when Kylara found a nest of fire-lizard eggs?
A) Prideth didn't like the attention the fire-lizards were getting
B) Prideth didn't like the attention Kylara was giving the eggs
C) Prideth thought they would go to Southern Weyr with the eggs, but Kylara went to Nabol Hold
D) Prideth was comfortable on the hot sands and didn't want to leave

55. What was the 'wallbox' at the Smith Crafthall used for?
A) It was the prototype for the distance-writer
B) It was a loudspeaker
C) It was a storage box that kept things handy for the smith
D) It was a video monitor

56. Whom did F’nor think would help him get a message to Benden bronzes before Wirenth rose?
A) Canth
B) Wirenth
C) Ramoth
D) Prideth

57. Who said, "But to breed a dragon from a fire lizard? Absolutely impossible."?

58. Robinton was unaware of fire-lizards until someone told him. Who was it that told him?
A) No one, he saw them flitting about Telgar Hold
B) Lord Meron, who boldly strode up to him and flashed the fire-lizard in his face
C) Lord Larad, who wanted to know when he'd get one himself
D) Lytol, when he asked how the Lords would react to Lord Meron

59. How were Canth and F'nor brought to Wirenth's mating flight?
A) Brekke asked someone to find them
B) Berd found them and gave Canth references on where to go
C) Wirenth called Canth
D) They were already at High Reaches

60. Masterfarmer Andemon says that his records say they are to do something about the grubs. What are they to do?
A) Watch the grubs
B) Destroy the grubs
C) Transplant the grubs
D) Breed the grubs

61. What discovery did N'ton make about Ruth?
A) Ruth always knew "when" he was.
B) Ruth’s hide was all dragon colors, rather than lack of any color
C) That Ruth brought back Ramoth's egg
D) That firelizards liked Ruth

62. Whose reputation did Robinton save after Ruth's first flight?
A) Lessa's, he was accused of being attracted to her
B) The Harper Hall's, some harpers were being accused of being very indiscrete
C) Lord Groghe’s, someone said he was too hidebound
D) His own, he had to correctly identify the wine that was being served

63. At the Smithcrafthall, Menolly asks Jaxom if Lord Groghe had been to see Lytol. What was her response when Jaxom asked why?
A) To see if Jaxom was trained to fight Thread with Fort riders yet
B) To invite them to the next Gather at Fort
C) To talk to Lytol about an arrangement between Jaxom and his third daughter
D) To see if Jaxom could help him train his fire-lizard

64. What did Ruth complain about after Ramoth's queen egg was returned?
A) That his wing was injured
B) That something was wrong in his head
C) That the fire-lizards were bothering him too much with egg images
D) That his leg was hurting

65. After Ramoth's egg was returned, Lytol was able to calculate when Thread would fall. Why?
A) Wansor's equations and charts.
B) F'lar's charts as usual.
C) It was Jaxom not Lytol who figured when Thread would fall.
D) He'd found some old records with extra information and before turning them over to F'lar wanted to be sure they'd work.

66. While training with the weyrlings at Fort, Jaxom had to forego the classes at the Harper and Smith craftalls. This meant he wouldn't have to endure something. What?
A) Lytol's pestering questions about what he'd learned that day
B) Menolly's searching questions
C) Resentment from the heirs of other Lords Holder over Ruth
D) Questions about Ruth’s health from other Lords Holder or their representatives

67. Weyrlingmaster K'nebel had praise for Jaxom and Ruth but one chief concern. What was it?
A) Ruth can turn on his tail and he worries that others might get the idea their dragons can too
B) With Jaxom being a Lord Holder other weyrlings think he's getting special treatment
C) He feels that Jaxom spends too much time away from training with all his Hold duties
D) Ruth’s lack of sexual proclivities

68. Who was Menolly excited to see after D'ram and Tiroth were brought back from Southern?
A) Master Robinton
B) Sebell
C) Alemi
D) Mirrim

69. What were the two tasks Robinton set for him when Sebell was sent all around Pern?
A) Be sure each Hold was teaching the charter & reinforce the belief that it is to Benden Weyr everyone on Pern must look
B) Take the temper of every small Hold as regarded duty to Hold and Weyr & pass out important new teaching ballads
C) Be sure each Hold was teaching the charter & pass out important new teaching ballads
D) Take the temper of every small Hold as regarded duty to Hold and Weyr & reinforce the belief that it is to Benden Weyr everyone on Pern must look

70. Who was it that probably told Toric that Jaxom had never been to Southern?

71. For how many boats did Dock Cavern at Half Circle Sea Hold have moorings?
A) 25
B) 28
C) 30
D) 35

72. Who was the First Holder’s wife at Half Circle Sea Hold?
A) Mavi
B) Sanra
C) Sella
D) Soreel

73. When Menolly was in the cave, which color fire-lizard hatched first?
A) Gold
B) Bronze
C) Brown
D) Blue

74. Which dragon and rider rescued Menolly when she was running from thread?
A) Branth and T’gran
B) Monarth and T’gellan
C) Lioth and N’ton
D) Trenth and G’sel

75. How did Menolly injure her hand?

76. “Oh, Tongue, give sound to joy and sing of _____ and _____ on dragon wing”
A) death and glory
B) faith and honor
C) love and duty
D) hope and promise

77. About whom did Mirrim say: “You’d think he was the only one ever in the world scored”?
A) C’tarel
B) G’sel
C) Jaxom
D) T’gellan

78. Who taught Elgion how to sail?
A) Alemi
B) Old Uncle
C) Tilsit
D) Yanus

79. Who trimmed Menolly’s hair at Benden Weyr?
A) Brekke
B) Felena
C) Manora
D) Mirrim

80. Who helped Menolly return to the kitchen cavern from the Hatching Ground after the hatching?
A) Oharan
B) Lytol
C) Robinton
D) T’gellan

81. “Don’t leave me alone: a world heard that _____”
A) cry
B) plea
C) prayer
D) scream

82. Who escorted Menolly when she walked the tables to Journeywoman?
A) Sebell and Brudegan
B) Brudegan and Talmor
C) Talmor and Sebell
D) Sebell and Dermently

83. In the record at Half Circle Sea Hold, what was an alternative chording in the second measure of the “Ballad of Moreta’s Ride”?
A) major third
B) perfect fifth
C) augmented sixth
D) minor seventh

84. What was the name of Audiva’s father?
A) Facenden
B) Nicat
C) Pergamol
D) Timareen

85. The color white in a fire-lizard’s eyes signifies what?

86. Who was adept at drilling basic theory into rebellious apprentice minds?
A) Arnor
B) Domick
C) Morshal
D) Shonagar

87. Whom did Tanner Ligand describe as “a young snot”?
A) Benis
B) Palim
C) Piemur
D) Viderian

88. With whom did Menolly have her first dance at the Harper Hall?
A) Brudegan
B) Piemur
C) Sebell
D) Talmor

89. Who was Pona’s grandfather?
A) Lord Groghe
B) Lord Laudey
C) Lord Meron
D) Lord Sangel

90. Which fire-lizards hatched from the two eggs which Menolly had ear-marked for the Master Harper?
A) Kimi and Zair
B) Pol and Zair
C) Farli and Tris
D) Zair and Tris

91. According to Piemur, what was not Menolly’s only duty in the Harper Hall?
A) feeding fire-lizards
B) playing gitar
C) keeping him out of trouble
D) writing tunes

92. Who understudied Piemur’s role in Master Domick’s ballad about Lessa?
A) Brolly
B) Ranly
C) Tilgin
D) Timiny

93. According to Piemur, how many Oldtimers had returned North in the two Turns since their exile, accepting Benden as their leader?
A) 15
B) 17
C) 19
D) 20

94. On which dragon did Piemur have his first experience of Between?

95. Which dragon did Piemur recognize by the long scar on his rump?
A) Fidranth
B) Golanth
C) Hath
D) Roth

96. How many days had Piemur been gone from Nabol when his fire-lizard hatched?
A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 8

97. According to Sebell, Piemur was as devious as whom?
A) Laudey
B) Meron
C) Oterel
D) Toric

98. Who was Master Olodkey’s senior journeyman?
A) Dirzan
B) Dermently
C) Rokayas
D) Strud

99. How old was Piemur when his voice broke?
A) 12
B) 13
C) 14
D) 15

100. Which fire-lizard caught Kimi on her first mating flight?
A) Berd
B) Diver
C) Rocky
D) Zair

101. What is the name of the ship Master Rampesi captained?
A) The Northern Maid
B) The Bay Lady
C) The Southern Lady
D) The Wave Eater

102. What is Lord Larad’s third son’s occupation?
A) Steward of a beasthold
B) Journeyman Harper
C) Dragonrider
D) Journeyman Smith

103. Five people survived the storm that sunk the ship on which Aramina and Readis traveled to the southern continent. The fate of Aramina and Readis is known, the remaining three were killed, by what?
A) Injuries and drowning
B) Injuries and fire-head
C) Threadfall and fire-head
D) Snakebite and pneumonia

104. Why did Toric try to exile Piemur from Southern?
A) He found Piemur too inquisitive
B) He didn’t fancy Piemur to be Southern Hold’s next Hold Harper
C) He didn’t fancy Piemur as a prospective family member
D) He found Piemur too insolent

105. From which Hold did Thella and her band steal grain?
A) Vendross Hold
B) Standross Hold
C) Kadross Hold
D) Tandross Hold

106. Who is Anama?
A) Lord Larad’s half sister
B) Lord Corman’s second daughter
C) Lord Vincet’s third daughter
D) Lord Asgenar’s sister

107. What were AIVAS first words after being reactivated?
A) AIVAS function resumed
B) Please state ID and access code
C) Please give access code
D) State the reason of this intrusion, please

108. Why had Sebell and Piemur been operating undercover at Nabol Hold?
A) They were trying to locate the source of so many fire lizard eggs
B) They were to investigate if Meron was trading with the Oldtimers on the Southern Continent
C) They were to investigate if Lord Meron was really ill
D) They were trying to discover the source of illegally imported cloth and weaving

109. What type of craftmaster was Toric’s father?

110. When the Masters Rampesi and Idarolan finally sighted each other after they circumnavigated the southern continent what did they do?
A) They erected a stone memorial
B) The planted a stout wooden cross
C) They planted the old Pern colony flag
D) They hammered a red stake in the ground

111. Who wrote up the history of “the AIVAS years”?
A) Master Robinton
B) Lord Jaxom
C) Lord Lytol
D) Master Elrhan

112. The craft records of the Harpers, Smiths, and _____ were first assimilated by AIVAS?
A) Healers
B) Woodsmiths
C) Fishers
D) Farmers

113. Which fire lizard brought news of the attack on AIVAS to the people at Sallah Telgar’s internment?
A) Meer
B) Talla
C) Farli
D) Zair

114. Who volunteered to dissect the Thread egg?
A) Oldive and Sharra
B) Oldive and Mirrim
C) Oldive and Sefal
D) Sharra and Mirrim

115. Who drugged Master Robinton’s drink with fellis at the first AIVAS meeting, to get the Harper to bed and sleep?
A) Lessa
B) Menolly
C) Piemur
D) Jaxom

116. Who was to be temporary Lord Holder at Bitra after Lord Sigomal’s exile?
A) Gomalsi
B) Sifer
C) Sousmal
D) Trestan

117. To where were the abductors of Masterharper Robinton exiled?
A) One of the islands in the Western Ring
B) One of the islands in the Eastern Ring
C) The Far Western Continent
D) An island in the Great Bay of Southern

118. What did Master Ligand come up with?
A) Paper based on celluloses
B) The Petri dishes
C) The helmet lock for the space suit
D) Insulating insoles

119. Why did F’lar punish B’fol and his dragon Gereth by giving them the duty of handling firestone sacks next Fall instead of fighting Thread?

120. Who was the first to find Masterharper Robinton and Zair after their death in the Admin building?
A) Lytol
B) Jaxom
C) Piemur
D) D’ram

121. What is the name of Alemi’s fishing vessel?
A) Paradise Lady
B) Southern Lady
C) Fair Winds
D) Southern Winds

122. What is harbormaster Curran’s wife’s name?
A) Stella
B) Robina
C) Durras
D) Sariel

123. Who was Kibbe’s first dolphineer?
A) James
B) Morina
C) Amy
D) Readis

124. By what marks could Alemi recognize the dolphin Kib?
A) Healed slash across jaw
B) Blotchy coloring
C) The largest dolphin in the pod
D) The fattest dolphin of the pod

125. Who is the Weyrlingmaster at Eastern Weyr?
A) H’nalt
B) H’mar
C) H’ran
D) K’din

126. How many babies did Mirrim lose because she didn’t know she was pregnant (while still going between)?

127. Whose idea was the school at Landing?
A) Master Fandarel’s
B) Lord Lytol’s
C) Master Robinton’s
D) Master Samvel’s

128. Which Lord Holder was “accidentally resurrected” by Anne by letting him make an appearance in The Dolphins of Pern?
A) Begamon
B) Toronas
C) Oterel
D) Bargen

129. What killed Delky?
A) Storm
B) Accident
C) Wild wherry
D) Huge cat

130. What was to be the name of the Hold where the Dolphin Crafthall was to be established?
A) Kahrain Hold
B) Dorado Hold
C) Monaco Bay Hold
D) Macedonia Hold

131. At which Weyr did Tai Impress Zaranth?

132. Where was Steve Kimmer’s stakehold?
A) Dorado Province
B) Landing
C) Bitkim Island
D) Araby Province

133. To what did the four sons of Lord Sangel all fall victim?
A) Murder
B) Plague
C) A fishing accident
D) Thread

134. What festivities were held when F’lessan met Tai in the archives?
A) Passover
B) Spring festivities
C) Turnover
D) Landing’s main gather

135. Who was the leader of the group of abominators caught at Fort Hold?
A) Minsom
B) Gaiter
C) Batim
D) Bagalla

136. On what border is Cesila’s runner station located?
A) Lemos and Telgar
B) Igen and Telgar
C) Keroon and Lemos
D) Keroon and Igen

137. What color leather did Tenna want to buy from Tanner Ligand at the Fort gather?
A) Reddy brown
B) Dark green
C) Harper blue
D) Brown

138. What is the traditional runner’s cheer?
A) Hey ho
B) Go go
C) Along we go
D) Yo ho

139. When Aramina first told her family she could hear dragons, what was their immediate response?
A) they rejoiced and celebrated with a Benden red kept for a special occasion
B) they planned to travel to the nearest Weyr to present her as a candidate
C) they spanked her and told her not to tell lies
D) they sought shelter from the approaching Threadfall she warned them of

140. Which Lord Holder was interested in having Dowell become a permanent resident of his hold?
A) Lord Asgenar
B) Lord Groghe
C) Lord Larad
D) Lord Warder Lytol and Lord Jaxom

141. What chore was Felessan performing when the Hatching that produced Golanth began?
A) Hauling kitchen supplies
B) Hunting tunnel snakes
C) Breaking and sacking firestone
D) None, was shirking his duty

142. What was Felessan's impression of how Golanth broke his shell?
A) His shell broke with a pop and Golanth fell bawling onto the sands
B) His shell shattered into pieces and Golanth surveyed the Candidates much like a queen hatchling would
C) His shell parted at a lightning bolt-shaped crack and Golanth walked straight to him
D) He didn't witness Golanth breaking shell

143. K'van's father rode what color dragon?
A) Bronze
B) Brown
C) Blue
D) He wasn't a dragonrider

144. From which egg did bronze Heth hatch?
A) The large one that the bully Beterli had "claimed" for himself
B) The small one that Keevan thought of as his own
C) A different egg from (A) or (B)
D) Unknown, it wasn't mentioned in the story

145. Do you wish this contest had 150 real questions as advertised?
A) Yes, I feel deprived of the last few questions
B) Yes, I’m off balance by the sudden end of serious questions
C) No, I’m dancing for joy that it’s not longer!
D) What? I hadn’t noticed, my brain oozed out of my ears some questions ago

146. What’s the most valuable prize in the prize pool?
A) Dragonholder signed by Anne
B) Black crystal
C) Art cards by Frank Kelly Freas
D) There are actual prizes for this? No way!

147. I learned about McCaffrey Quest through…
A) Meeting of Minds message board
B) Another message board, fan group, or mailing list (Please specify)
C) Anne McCaffrey’s website
D) Some crazy person at WorldCon in LA this year

148. Next year’s MQ should be…
A) Longer! Long contests separate the dragons from the weyrlings
B) Just the same. Why mess with perfection?
C) Shorter! Who cares if we all tie for first and prizes are awarded randomly?
D) What, you think I’m coming back for this kind of brain pounding again?

149. Who’s the prettiest staff member at A Meeting of Minds?
A) Cheryl
B) Pam, Anneli and Becky are all tied
C) Hans. Definitely Hans. Especially when he wears a Gather dress
D) What, this contest wasn’t put together by robots?

150. Now that you’re finally well and truly done, what would you like to do?
A) Cheerfully re-shelve your books and submit your entry
B) Scrape your brain off the floor and attempt to pour it back in your head
C) Bite your nails and pace the floor until the winners are contacted
D) Think up appropriate fates for the members of the MoM staff



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